Healthy living starts with healthy eating

My interest to food began at young age. Mom had to work with Dad at the family business, so she used to cook large batches of food on Sundays to ensure that sister, brother and I had prepared food for the entire week. As the business demanded more and more of her the less time she had to cook.

At some point, I suggested to help with food prep. The experiment helped me to build a great sense of responsibility but also taught my first lesson about food – to do not waste it. Moreover, I really enjoy the time in the kitchen.

After university, I landed a job in the finance industry and like most graduates, I immersed myself at work. I travelled the world, doing business in London, Singapore and throughout South America. However, like so many people, I was working, but I wasn’t living. I became overweight, out of energy, and too unhealthy to play with my kids. I had to make a change.

It wasn’t just about what I was eating. I had to change my entire lifestyle and replace my focus on climbing the corporate ladder with a newfound love for health and wellness. The positive transformation I saw in myself made me want to share what I had learned with others. That’s what inspired me to leave the corporate world behind and start Acai House.

The concept of Acai House was born during a trip with wife and kids in 2017. With the help of nutritionists, holistic health experts, family, and friends I embraced the desire to follow my passion for food. During this journey, I experienced first-hand the benefits of plant-based eating, the awesome power of superfoods and the importance of cleansing our body.

At Açaí House we believe that the choices we make about food have a profound impact on our lives, on how we perceive and treat the environment and keep us accountable to society.

Acai is the superfruit sensation found in the Amazon rainforest. It’s loaded with heart-healthy Omega 3s, vitamins, fiber and more antioxidants than other superfoods like blueberries. By blending acai and other fresh, natural superfoods Acai House supports healthy eating. But more than that, we're igniting people’s passions for healthy lifestyles. 

Discovering a better way to eat led me to find a better way to live. Acai House is here to support healthy eating and healthy living.  At Acai House, your health comes first.


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Gustavo Schneider,